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Cases For Kids

Babies in Bloom and Blooming Deals Consignment in Centreville, Maryland have established a program called ‘Cases for Kids’, which provides suitcases filled with gently worn clothing to foster care children and children in need in the surrounding communities.

Many foster care children move from home to home with their belongings carried in garbage bags. Sometimes the children are not able to bring many belongings with them to their new foster home.  It is our goal to provide these children with suitcases filled with essentials and to help them feel special and to move with dignity to their temporary home.

Babies in Bloom will be working with local agencies such as Healthy Families, Department of Social Services, CASA, Families First, Head Start and other family support organizations to identify those children in need of suitcases.

Please donate your small suitcases that are in good to excellent condition.  Large sturdy duffle bags or backpacks are also acceptable. Clothing, stuffed animals, and books are also welcome donations.  Drop off location is at Babies in Bloom & Blooming Deals

Please spread the word and help us to help others. Thank you!

Chesapeake Mom’s Club Raises Money for Cases for Kids

Thank You 

Thank you for your kind donations. Items that are unaccpetable to sell or have not sold at the end of the consignment period are donated to the following worthy organizations:

Proudly donating to the following organizations:

St. Martin’s Ministry

Price Apostolic Church

Randy D. Thrower Scholarship

Kent Center

St. Vincent

St. Luke’s

St. Martin’s Barn

Character Counts


Calvary United Methodist Church

Crossroads Community

Project Healing Waters

KIHS Cheer Program

KIHS Soccer Program

Food for Thought Ministries

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