Frequently Asked Questions:


Is there a charge for consigning?

Yes, there is a $10 annual consignment fee. The fee is deducted from your account once you start making money.

What do you accept?

We accept ladies, men’s, junior’s and children’s clothing, handbags and accessories, jewelry, baby equipment, toys, books, dvds, home decor and furniture. 

If you’re not sure if we take an item, simply call and ask us.

What do you not accept?

Before you consign your items, look at your items–would you buy them again in the store today? That’s a good initial test. We do not accept items that are wrinkled, soiled, or damaged.  Items must be free of odors, stains, wear and pet hair. Please check for holes, spots, pilling, stains, and wear- we are not able to sell these items. Shoes with visible wear or toe marks are not accepted. Specifically, the following kinds of items are NOT currently selling well in our store: adult pants, Walmart or Kmart brands, formal wear, men’s or ladies suits and blazers, electronics, linens, glassware, cribs, car seats, baby bath tubs, frames and small prints, board games, stuffed animals, plain shirts, books for adults & DVDs.  If you’re unsure whether we accept an item, do not hesitate to give us a call at 410-758-8702 or ask while you are in.

What if my items don’t sell?

All consigned items are on the sales floor for 60 days. We prefer to donate any unsold items at the end of your consignment period to our Cases for Kids program or other local family-oriented organizations in need such as St. Luke’s Methodist Church, St. Martin’s Barn, and the Kent Center. If you choose to reclaim unsold items, stop in the store during the 10-day grace period between days 60 and 70. A list will be provided to you to find your expired items.

What do you do with unclaimed items?

They are donated to organizations in need.

How do I check my consignment account?

You can check the monies that have accrued on your account by calling our store, stopping in, or checking on our website under consignor login. You will be prompted to reset your password if you are a first time user.

How long is the consignment period?

The consignment period is 60 days.

What is your markdown schedule?

We have one scheduled markdown toward the end of the 60-day consignment period. We also have special sales to help move merchandise.

Who determines the prices for my consignment items?

The store owners determine the pricing which is based on the time of year, inventory, and customers preferences.

Do you hold items for shoppers?

We can hold items until the close of business.

What clothing sizes do you carry?

We carry sizes 00 up to 3X

Do you accept returns?

No, we do not accept returns.

Do you offer pickup or delivery services of heavy/large items?

No, we don’t.  Please bring your own muscles to carry and load heavy items.  Staff is not permitted to carry or load heavy items.

Do you ship items?

Yes, we can ship items for $7.99

What is your seasonal schedule?

Change to say Spring/Summer begins in January. Fall/Winter begins in August. Please Please refer to our “Wish Lists” for a complete schedule of items accepted by month.

Do you accept holiday items?
Yes, we do.  Halloween items are accepted August – October. Christmas, Hanukah, etc. items are accepted November 1 – December 15. Holiday items accepted October 1- Dec. 15
What charitable organizations do you donate unsold/unsellable items to?

We donate to the Kent Center, St. Luke’s Methodist Church and St. Martin’s Barn.

What types of payments do you accept?

We gladly accept cash, checks, Visa, Mastercard and Discover, American Express and PayPal.

Still need help? Call us. 

For any other questions call us on +410-758-8702

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